Home Wine Production Facility “Saules Veltes”

“Saules veltes” (“Sun Gifts”) is a home wine production enterprise in Salaspils. It has a fully adjusted cellar and equipment for proceeding and storing high quality wine. Fruit and berries are put through the pre-treatment, juicing and fermentation process, after that the new wine is aged for at least for a year. Fine balance between the acidic and sweet juices of each type of fruit or berries creates a specific taste of each wine, which is mostly semi-dry or semi-sweet, according to the conventional wine classification. When the wine has reached its maturity, it is bottled and then delivered to bars, restaurants and sold at fairs. Visitors can visit the home wine production facility, where wine can be tasted and purchased. Please contact in advance.

Allowed to visit with dogs!

30 Fiziķu Street, Salaspils
+371 29262729 (R. Mačiņš)