Institute of Biology, University of Latvia

The Institute of Biology of the University of Latvia was officially founded in 1951 as the research institution of the Latvian Academy of Sciences. The Institute is a leading biology research centre in Latvia. Presently, the Institute embraces 11 research laboratories and one research group. The research activity of the Institute for many years has been related to two mainline research directions:

  1. Investigation of Latvia’s natural resources, their sustainable development, environment and ecology issues, nature conservation;
  2. Vital processes in plants and animals and research of bio productivity.

Guided tours should be applied one week before the intended visit by e-mail: or by phone +371 67944988, +371 26113512. Visiting time on weekdays from 10:00 to 15:00. The size of one group up to 15 persons. Fee: voluntary contribution. Languages: Latvian, Russian, English.

3 Miera Street, Salaspils
+371 67944988
+371 26113512

56.8617, 24.3597