A day off at “Vējiņi”

Picnic sites on the bank of the Daugava River, and on a secluded island – Baltsēklis, with a bonfire or barbecue grill, a table and benches. The offer includes: boat rent, fish curing and tourist accessories (such as a bonfire cauldron, a tent, beach volleyball equipment etc.); outdoor guide services: a guided tour or hiking tour along the Daugava on the Dole Island; birthday party adventure programme for children. A well-equipped party shed (5*10 m) is offered – entertainment and official events for all generations. Please apply in advance!

Allowed to visit with dogs!

“Vējiņi”, Dole Island, Salaspils county
+371 28306416 (Anita)

56.8627, 24.2095