Tourism information centre

Salaspils Tourism information centre offers information about tourism and recreation opportunities in Salaspils county and other surroundings:

  • tourism maps, brochures and other tourism prospects not only about Salaspils county, but also about Lower Daugava region as well.
  • a possibility to buy souvenirs with Salaspils logotype.
  • to use free Internet access point.
  • help to plan individual tourism routes.

In summer season there is available bicycle rental.

Quality system Q-Latvia quality mark

At the end of 2015, Latvian Tourism Development Agency awarded Salaspils County Tourism Information Centre with tourism service quality system Q – Latvia quality mark.

National Botanic Garden

Salaspils Tourism information centre is also the main entrance to the National Botanic Garden, where You can buy entrance tickets and get answers to Your question about Botanic garden offer.