Salaspils calls to actively spend their free time!

Salaspils calls to actively spend their free time!

This year Salaspils brought many new and exciting opportunities for those who prefer an active lifestyle. No longer have to go very far to experience a sharp, nerves tickling sensations and find joy offer diversity.

Only 9 km from Salaspils – Dole Island is “Camping – Dole Island”. It`s only recently opened doors to visitors, attracting everyone this summer to enjoy quite colorful and unforgettable!

Visitors can take trips on the SUP board, while romantics can simply rent a water cycle to the peaceful enjoyment of the beautiful Daugava waters, gazing on Dole Island dolomite outcrops.

The adrenaline lovers in “Camping – Dole Island” can to take off with hang gliding over the treetops and look at Latvian biggest river – Daugava from the top.

Not far from the campsite, in Dole Island, Daugava museum area is tavern “Nēģis” And no matter how strange it may be, this year it has expanded its activities instead of a new restaurant or cafe, but a six-meter high climbing tower!

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