Riga Hydropower Station, Reservoir, and Dam

Riga Hydropower Station is the newest and second largest power plant on the Daugava, built from 1966 to 1975. It has a power of 402 MW, which is generated by 6 hydraulic aggregates. The area of the reservoir is 42.3 km2; its volume – around 339 million m3. The reservoir serves for the production of green energy, as well as for the provision of Riga with technical and drinking water resources. The power plant also serves as a traffic bridge across the Daugava and to Dole Island. Near the power station, the Daugava is 390 m wide. The 15 km-long dam along river banks is a popular destination for cyclists and hikers. The power plant is located 35 km from the Daugava estuary, at the place where river flows into the sandy lowland of Riga, and its valley is 2 km wide. When driving from Salaspils to Dole Island, the road firstly crosses the old and overgrown riverbed of the Daugava alongside Dārziņi, leading to the built-up Zirņu Island.

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