The Daugava River Museum

Since 1977, the Daugava Museum has been located in the new dwelling house of Dole Manor. There you can see the cultural history of Daugava, the Latvian River of Fate, and Salaspils County, as well as unique materials of ancient Latvian history, starting with the first human settlement of Salaspils Laukskola (9000 BC). There is a chance to learn about how the valley of the Daugava looked before the cascade of the hydropower station was built – to compare the current landscape with that from the past. Within the territory of the park, a century-old fishermen’s farm of the lower Daugava and a visible reconstruction of the salmon and lamprey weirs welcome you on the high bank of the Daugava. Museum offers various sites for recreation and activities.

The museum is open daily from 10:00 – 17:00, except on Tuesdays. The park can be visited on a seasonal basis: in summer, the manor park is open to visitors from 10:00 to 20:00. Starting from August, the park’s opening hours are gradually shortened.

The bus to the Daugava River Museum goes from Skolas Street (near the culture house “Enerģētiķis”) every day: at 9.4514.45 and 18.40.
Bus goes back to Salaspils at 10.0015.00 and 18.55.

Allowed to visit with dogs!

Dole Island, Salaspils county
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