Memorial Plaque for the Livs of the Daugava and their Leader Ako

It is dedicated to commemorate the freedom fights of the Livs (the indigenous people of the lower Daugava region) in the 1206 revolt led by Ako from Mārtiņsala (Holme) against the crusaders. Mārtiņsala was a significant centre of the Livs from the 10th to the 13th century; now the island lies below the water level of the power station reservoir. Ako was killed in a battle, and his head was sent to Riga as proof of victory. This is also a place where the first human settlement (Salaspils Laukskola) of late Palaeolithic reindeer hunters was discovered by archaeologists in the early 1970s. A memorial sign for Ako was arranged in 1994, reconstructed in 2013. The site was designed by sculptor Ģ. Burvis; landscape design of the territory established in 2014.

Allowed to visit with dogs!

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