The Vecdole Castle Ruins

Vecdole Castle was built at the beginning of the 13th century near the rapids of Rumbula with a square-shaped stone walls (remained as one the oldest examples of stone – constructed walls in Latvia). The castle was built from dolomite stone, using red bricks for the facade. A wooden guards’ room and household buildings were built in a year, as well as a stone dwelling house with a hot-air furnace, and a quadratic tower on the side of the Daugava. The castle belonged to the family of Dolen, who was a vassal for the archbishop of Riga. In 1298 the castle was destroyed by the Livonian Order; later there was a lime kiln in its ruins. Archaeological excavations were carried out here in the 1960s. Excellent view of Riga Hydropower Station, Dārziņi, Šķērssēklis, and the Rumba rapids greet from the site.

The site is a private property.

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